Property Finders in Spain

Searching for a new property in Spain can initially be a great deal of fun. On occassion it can also be extremely time consuming and a great deal of hard work.

This is where a reputable property finder can save you from all the hassle involved. A good property finder in Spain will learn your requirements and will do the hard yards for you by utilizing all their contacts to try and find you the right “dream Spanish property”.

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What does it cost to use a property finder service?

The answer to this is quite straightforward. There are many property finder services on the market that offer their services for a range of different fees and commissions. There are also property finders that will work for you for absolutely zero cost to you. We know which one we would use! Why pay for a service that you can utilize for free?

The property finder that offers their services for free will get paid an estate agents commission at notary on completion of a successful sale. Their commission is paid by the seller of the property, not the buyer. The benefit of all this to the potential buyer is that a good and reputable property finder has it in both yours and their interest to find you the right property as they will only get paid after a successful sale.

Any property finder that requests a fee from you is also likely to be less motivated than one that provides their services to you for free. A motivated agent is always a better choice in our opinion.

How to choose your ideal property finder.

Choosing a property finder to use is not always easy if you are looking at the marketplace for the first time and are unfamiliar with companies you can use. Personal recommendation from friends that have been through the buying process can obviously be helpful and is a good way to start. As already discussed we recommend avoiding any that request you pay a fee for their services.

If you don´t have friends that can recommend someone, then the internet is a good place to do your research. Look for a company that, offers their services for free, has a professional website with good google rankings, has a wide variety of property for sale, has a large number of properties for sale and covers a wide area to give you more choice.

A property finder that has access to all this, most likely works with a large number of other agencies. This means that they can quickly source properties that may fit your requirements even if they are not visible on their website. Also by collaborating with numerous other agencies, they will get to know about new properties as soon as they hit the market.

Searching for your new Spanish home need not be a hassle, it should be fun. Use the right property finder service and make the whole process so much easier.

Our recommended COSTA BLANCA property finder is Costablancapropertydeals.

Our recommended COSTA TROPICAL property finder is Inmobiliaria Palm Springs Real Estate S.L,

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